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Strange Bird Wines 

Beyond Chardonnay. Beyond Shiraz there are the Granite Belt's magnificent alternitive varietal wines. Our Starnge Birds. Pursue the Strange Birds and discover wines you've never tasted. Wines that delight the senses and quench your desire for something new and exciting.
To be called an "alternative" a variety must represent not more that 1% of the total bearing vines in Australia as defined by the Australian Wine and Brandy corporation. Enjoyed in Europe for generations these alternative varieties are now emerging as Australian favourites due to their ability to match perfectly with food. Capture a Strange Bird and take it home today.

A pure expression of Granite Belt Vermentino on show. Bright and aromatic with floral, stone fruit and sea spray aromas. 

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The Little white box is a wine dedicated to Granite Belt alternative variety pioneer Sam Costanzo, A huge fan of Grenache he grafted over 2 rows of Merlot to this majestic variety with the view of creating a Granite Belt Grenache in the classic form.

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