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Golden Grove Estate News

Ray Costanzo
9 November 2022 | Ray Costanzo

Queensland Wine Awards

On Thursday 3 November, Golden Grove Estate took out Queensland Winery of the Year and winemaker Ray Costanzo was awarded the Queensland Winemaker of the Year at the 38th Queensland Wine Awards. This is the fourth time Ray has won this award. Sam and Jason were also both awarded the Viticulturalist of the Year Award .All wines that were entered in the show came away with a medal including 3 gold, 4 silver and 3 bronze. Three wines stole the show in Queensland – 2021 Shiraz, 2022 Joven Tempranillo and the 2022 Vermentino took out Champion Wine of the Show!


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Ray Costanzo
1 February 2021 | Ray Costanzo

Grape Sampling and Testing

The 2021 vintage has commenced and after severe drought for the past two years, nothing is being left to chance or taken for granted! Vineyard sampling and testing grapes for ripeness and flavour means that we can harvest at the optimum time to produce premium wines.

Initial vineyard checks involve checking ripeness with a refractometer to measure ºBrix (sugar content).

As the grapes ripen the ºBrix increases and as they approach ideal ripeness more comprehensive testing is undertaken. Berries are plucked from bunches along each side of the rows to obtain a representative sample then taken back to the lab where they are juiced and tested for pH, Brix, acidity, tasted for flavour and the seeds are inspected as they change from green to brown as they are ripening. When optimum ripeness is reached they are harvested!

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Ray Costanzo
17 December 2020 | Ray Costanzo

The vineyard crew rolling out the nets over the vines. Bring on vintage 2021!

Roll out the nets

Vineyard crew starting to roll out the nets over our lush green Granite Belt vineyard!! Bring on Vintage 2021!!

Posted by Golden Grove Estate on Tuesday, December 15, 2020
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Ray Costanzo
8 December 2020 | Ray Costanzo

Nero d'Avola - Australia's Best Line Up

Young Gun of Wine recently put out a call for Australian Nero d'Avola's for a "deep dive" into the variety. They gathered as many local examples of the variety as they could find and assembled an expert panel of some fo the finest palates around for a blind tasting. 

We submitted our 2019 Nero D'Avola and the panelists were impressed!

To check out the full write by Young Gun of Wine click here

Photo by @morgophoto

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Ray Costanzo
2 September 2020 | Ray Costanzo

Black Muscat Vines

Our beautiful Black Muscat vines were planted on Golden Grove Estate by Mario and Nita Costanzo in 1947. Originally established for table grape production with the left over fruit being turned to wine. Very few of these grand old vines remain on the property and are now exclusively used to make our solero blend liqueur muscat, named "Marnita Muscat" as a tribute to my Grandparents.

The flavour that is obtained from these vines is truly exceptional.

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Ray Costanzo
2 April 2020 | Ray Costanzo

Regenerating the Semillon

Golden Grove Estate's Semillon vines are over 30 years old and in the last couple of years they were badly affected by drought.

Recently they have been cut back and allowed to re-shoot. After some good rain the shoots are growing well and are now being re-trained back to the trellis.

There will be plenty of great vintages left in these vines!

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Ray Costanzo
26 March 2020 | Ray Costanzo

Blending Trials of a Couple of 2020 Wines

The final tweaking of a couple of 2020 wines. I like to create an initial blend of my wines before making some final adjustments. Today I’m looking at adjusting the amount of barrel fermented wine in “The Skins Vermentino” to get the palate just right. Also, on the bench today is the “Rosé Brosé” – playing with the colour intensity and hue.

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Ray Costanzo
5 March 2020 | Ray Costanzo

The Skins Vermentino

After 10 days on skins, the ferment is finished and pressed through my grandfathers old basket press! It will now sit on lees for a couple of months to add even more texture before bottling. 

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Ray Costanzo
21 February 2020 | Ray Costanzo

Vintage 2020

With virtually no rainfall in 2019 (or 2018) our vineyard ran out of water almost a year ago. Trucking water to just keep the precious vines alive – we didn’t expect to have much of a vintage in 2020. However, to add insult to injury, when the rain did begin to fall it brought hail with it to finish off what crop we did have… But we will still be making wine this year!

Many of the Australian premium winegrowing regions have been affected by drought, fire or smoke so we were extremely lucky to source some beautiful Vermentino grapes from the exceptional Chalmers vineyard in Mildura.

With this fruit we plan to continue making our popular dry, partial barrel fermented Vermentino, but there also may be a return of "The Skins". A full skin fermentation version as was in 2017. 

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Ray Costanzo
16 September 2016 | Ray Costanzo

Qld Wine Awards

The recent 2016 QLD Wine Awards were held in brisbane last week. Golden Grove Estate came away with 9 medals. Four Silver and 5 Bronze.

2016 Joven Tempranillo - Silver
2014 Chardonnay - Silver
2014 Durif - Silver
NV Muscat - Silver

16 Vermentino - Bronze
16 Sauv Blanc - Bronze
16 SSB - Bronze
16 Muscadean - Bronze
14 Mourvedre - Bronze

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